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Our Story

               Human Diamond Nutrition was founded in 1998. Historically, our "Cyber Clinic" was one of the first of its kind in the world. At a time when the Internet was in its infancy, the vision of the Human Diamond team was to establish an online nutrition clinic that would meet the needs of people who may not have local access to excellent nutritional counseling and products. The concept of accessing a service of this kind in the privacy of one's home over the Internet was completely novel at the time and considered a major step forward in health care delivery. Since 1998, the Human Diamond website has been functioning in this capacity while healthcare activity on the Internet has exploded all around - clearly a sign that online healthcare is here to stay. Using Zyto  Scanning, we are able to give individualized and specific recommendations for your health. The Zyto technology allows us to test you wherever you are, right from your home computer.

               Latidjah Miller, RN CN, began her career as a health educator more than 35 years ago. She is a Registered Nurse with extensive interest and background in holistic health, nutrition, wellness, and Bio-Energetic technologies. Her work as an ICU nurse for more than a decade gave her the incentive to focus on a nutrition practice that emphasizes the prevention of illness and restoration of wellness by correcting the underlying causes. After being introduced to the exciting technology of meridian stress assessment, a love affair began, and she has devoted herself to extensive training and use of the system while conducting her own research into the effects of food sensitivity on health, becoming a specialist in the identification of food sensitivities and balancing energy through nutrition. She also gained proficiency in guiding the detoxification processes necessary to promote wellness. She is the founder of Human Diamond Nutrition.

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